Being an entrepreneur

Dancing in the rain….

Patience – Love & Endurance….. Being an entrepreneur is not easy.

Growing up, I loved watching the rain and enjoyed dancing under it, for me it was and still magic. Becoming an entrepreneur, I come to realize that this magic element can appear inside me countless times. How can something that beautiful hurt that much?


We all go through rough weather at various points in our lives. Sometimes we sit down, to wait for the storm to pass, and then forget to get back up. Through these rough times, I realized that it is up to us to determine how we will respond to these disruptions. Will we hide inside, waiting for it to pass, or will we continue with our lives, enjoying even the roughest of weather? Yet, eventually, we must take action. Sometimes there is no possible way to do anything without getting wet. So now, I am learning to take a moment to consider where in my life I might have paused for a break in the weather, and never gotten back to it by learning how to dance in the rain…

Love Love… Mara



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