Autumn 2016

Autumn is finally here so let’s mosturize with our Shea butter flagrance of savannah!!!


When looking out our windows at the trees in the parks and the trees which line the streets, we can notice dramatically that the seasons are changing and autumn is well and truly here. As we walk along the streets of our city the amount of dead leaves that we see strewn along the road side steadily increases and for many of us there is a disturbing parallel between what is happening outside and what is happening to us inside. For many of us autumn not only brings about the shedding of leaves from trees, but also it brings about a large increase of shedding of hair from our scalps.

In prevention, we advise you to use our shea butter with flagrance of savannah to mosturize your hair and skin. This multi-action product softens your hair & skin, leave them mosturize for a long period. For the small price of 23,33€ you can get it now online for the whole family.


So let’s not wait, we take care of ourselves by mosturizing & mosturizing again.

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